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The Challenge

The brand has grown to offer more specialty variations and needed a new tier to showcase the uniqueness and personality of each of the single origin coffees. The challenge was to focus on the provenance of these unique coffee beans and show their distinct personalities, whilst also creating a new shopping experience within the Barissimo brand.

The Innovation

We developed the “Single Origin Passport Series” emblem utilizing the original Barissimo logo and evolved it into a passport-style stamp. This was for several reasons: 1. To unify the personality driven designs of the canisters 2. To tie this range back to the original core brand 3. To communicate that these coffees are from special, global destinations with distinct qualities. Each location was researched extensively to uncover unique traits that could be leveraged to effectively develop the illustrations for each of the flavors to give them meaningful personalities; the African pygmy kingfisher that lives under the shade of the Ethiopian coffee trees, the traditional Ugandan basket patterns and the large wildlife populations and species in Tanzania (including elephants). Additionally, we worked with the supplier of the coffees to develop the flavor profiles and facts from each location to round out the coffee experience. For this new range of items, we also updated the brand story to reflect their uniqueness.